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WriteText ai for Magento

WriteText.ai for Magento

The WriteText.ai extension for Magento is an artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to automatically generate product descriptions. Within your Magento backend, it effortlessly produces meta titles, meta descriptions, short descriptions, Open Graph copy, and image alt texts.
Categories: CopywritingE-commerceMerketingSEO
Features: Browser Extension
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
Generates meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions and short descriptions, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts

About WriteText.ai for Magento


  • Support for an unlimited number of ecommerce sites and user accounts.
  • Direct product transfers and publishing within Magento.
  • Ability to select product attributes, tone, and style.
  • Customizable content length, target audience, and user roles.
  • Advanced image analysis feature where WriteText.ai enhances the generated text by examining product images, resulting in more accurate and engaging descriptions, especially for products with limited data or intricate names.
  • AI-powered suggestions for target markets.
  • Comprehensive keyword analysis and semantic keyword recommendations.
  • Keyword density monitoring for SEO purposes.
  • Capability to rewrite texts.
  • Option to designate a reference product, ensuring consistency in tone, style, and layout across all products.
  • Access to a content review history log and mass content management.
  • Multi-store support feature.
  • Chrome extension for simple content management and product tagging for fact-checking or rewriting.

WriteText.ai offers two operational modes: ‘WriteText.ai Single’ and ‘WriteText.ai Bulk’. The former allows you to fine-tune settings for individual products before generating the text while the latter produces descriptions for multiple products simultaneously, without the need for manual oversight.

This extension offers connections to an unlimited number of ecommerce platforms, and facilitates the creation of multiple user accounts without additional charges.

Language Support

Catering to the needs of international users, Version 1.2 of WriteText.ai extends support for multiple languages, such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This feature allows businesses to auto-generate content in the language of their Magento site, fostering wider market reach and global customer engagement.
WriteText.ai adjusts its output according to the language of your site. Where the language is unavailable, it automatically switches to English as the default. Translation of the interface is currently underway.


Disclaimer: WriteText.ai is an independent tool developed to work with Magento. It is not affiliated or endorsed by Magento.

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