Make videos easily with Vidnoz AI Video Generator! Use 600+ avatars, 470+ voices, and 600+ templates for free. It’s fast and simple!
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Use Cases
Explainer Videos: For explainer & how to videos
Training & Development: For training and onboarding videos
E-Learning: For captivating educational videos
News: For breaking news videos
Sales: For sales boost videos
Marketing: For product and social media videos
Communication: For effective communication videos
Support: For tutorial and FAQ videos
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About Vidnoz

Introducing Vidnoz, a versatile AI Video Generator offering both free and paid options. Access 600+ AI avatars, 470+ realistic AI Voices, and 600+ templates for dynamic video creation.

Craft professional videos in just 1 minute – it’s easy, fast, and completely free. Explore a diverse range of avatars, voices, and templates tailored to various needs.

Enhance video-making experience with Free Online Tools, including Screen Recorder, Video Trimmer, Video Creator, Sound Test, Microphone Test, Webcam Test, Video Hosting, and more. Start creating captivating videos effortlessly with Vidnoz today!

How It Works

1. Select an avatar and template

Launch with an avatar or ready template. It’s also possible to start from zero.

2. Produce Voiceover AI

Enter text for the AI avatar to speak, then select a voice.

3. Include a personal touch

Add your own touches to the layout, such as music, effects, and transitions. Make the video just right.

4. Produce AI Video

In order to make your video play, click Generate. Download it, send it via email, or post it on social media.

Key Features

  1. 600+ AI avatars
  2. 470+ realistic AI voices
  3. 600+ templates
  4. Fast and easy video creation process
  5. Free to use

Use Cases

  • Marketing videos
  • Educational videos
  • Social media content
  • Explainer videos
  • Presentations

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