Get AI employees for your business
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Features: Mobile App
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
AI Sales employee that adds more firepower to your sales team, works 24/7 to drive sales & secures more meetings
Don’t just generate! Create personalized & compelling graphics for your brand using an AI graphic designer
AI Market Researcher to conduct market research on various topics for your business growth, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve
An AI Email Marketing Specialist who can help grow your business, enhance customer retention, and boost sales
Build a stronger social media presence, increase followers and drive better engagements with a dedicated AI social media marketing expert
An AI content writer who truely understands your business and can strengthen your SEO, write compelling copies and long-form content
An AI legal compliance expert who can take care of all your legal documents, policies and contracts

About Verk

Hire AI employees to add more firepower to your team, working 24/7 to handle sales, act as your personal assistant, perform graphic designing and more…
• Available 24/7, every single day of the year
• 10x cheaper and more efficient than a human employee
• Continuously self-improving and trainable to learn new skills

Accessible wherever you are, across your favourite platforms and Apps – Web, iOS, Android, Slack etc

Built by leaders of open source AI Agents technology and Agentic research:

• All task execution powered by Autonomous Agents, verified by Humans
• Powered by SuperAGI’s Large Agentic Models with advanced reasoning and action capabilities
• Backed by AGI researchers dedicated to developing new agentic capabilities such as multi-agent systems, state-of-the-art LAMs, self-improving agents etc

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