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Fact-Check Your Article In 1 Minute
Categories: CopywritingGeneral writing
Features: Open Source
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
Scan your text for true and false facts
Spot AI hallucinations in your content
Do accurate fact-checking in any language, not just English.

About VerifactAI

VerifactAI is an AI fact-checking tool that allows you to fact-check your articles within a minute. It works like a plagiarism checker, but for facts. You input your text, it analyses what’s written, and tries to find sources on Google. Then, it provides you with a table report presenting the facts as true, false, or unknown, along with notes offering explanations. This way, you can check for mistakes or AI hallucinations in your text before publishing and ensure your content is completely accurate. And language is not a problem! VerifactAI works for any language with the same accuracy level! 

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