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Convert fake.png to genuine.png easily Upload your image with the fake transparency grid, transform it with Unfake.png, and download. Fast and efficient!
Categories: Image Generator
Features: No Signup RequiredOpen Source
Pricing: Free
Use Cases
Unfake.png effortlessly transforms fake.png images into genuine.png files, with a simple two-step process and support for images up to 200MB.
Say goodbye to fake.png files using Unfake.png, a reliable tool that easily converts them into authentic.png images, accommodating files up to 200MB.
Transforming fake transparency grids into real images is a breeze with Unfake.png, offering a user-friendly two-step solution for files up to 200MB.
Unfake.png is your go-to tool for converting fake.png images into true.png files, providing a straightforward process for images up to 200MB.

About Unfake.png

Unfake.png is your go-to solution for transforming fake.png images into authentic true.png files effortlessly. It’s as simple as uploading your image with the fake transparency grid, and Unfake.png takes care of the rest. With support for images up to 200MB, this tool ensures compatibility with a wide range of file sizes. Through a seamless transformation process, Unfake.png removes the fake elements and creates a true.png image with genuine transparency. Whether you’re a graphic designer seeking to improve image quality or an everyday user looking to enhance visuals, Unfake.png is a user-friendly and efficient solution that brings authenticity and transparency to your images. Say goodbye to fake transparency grids and welcome the true.png transformation with Unfake.png.

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