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Elevate your color palette with Smudge, the intuitive AI tool for developers. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
Categories: Design Assistant
Features: Mobile App
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
Enhance designs with Smudge's AI palette tool. Elevate color choices effortlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.
Smudge simplifies color selection. Unleash AI's power for palettes on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, transforming design workflows.
Transform your color experience with Smudge AI. Optimize palettes effortlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms.
Smudge's palette AI empowers color creativity. Elevate projects seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices for remarkable outcomes.

About Smudge

Smudge revolutionizes color palette management for developers across iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms. Seamlessly integrating AI technology, Smudge redefines the way colors are handled. With its intuitive interface, it offers a user-friendly and efficient solution, enhancing the entire color selection process. From harmonizing hues to experimenting with contrasts, Smudge empowers developers to effortlessly create visually appealing palettes that resonate with their projects. This tool unlocks a new level of precision and creativity, making the most intricate color decisions a breeze. Whether you’re a designer seeking the perfect shades or a developer optimizing user interfaces, Smudge is your go-to companion for achieving remarkable results in the realm of colors.

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