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Rap Generator

Rap Generator

Easy to Make Rap Music With Just One Click
Categories: Music
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
Rap Music Generator
Rap Lyrics Generator
Rap Name Generator

About Rap Generator


Easy to Make Rap Music With Just One Click

Multiple Products:

1. Rap Music Generator: Instantly create rap music from text
Text Description Mode: The advanced model generates the cover, style, lyrics, and corresponding music based on user descriptions.
Custom Mode: Users provide lyrics and style type, and the model generates music based on the customized lyrics and style.

2. Rap Lyrics Generator: Offers multiple parameter settings to generate rap lyrics with one click.

3. Rap Name Generator: Creates a personalized rap name based on individual characteristics.


Web-based access


New users can generate 2 songs for free. Additional song generation is available for purchase. One-time payment model with no hidden fees.

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