Nextpart AI

Nextpart AI chatbot elevates your chatting experience with No Filter NSFW scenarios – romantic escapes, roleplays, lifestyle adventures and events.
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Features: No Signup RequiredMobile App
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
NSFW Character AI Chatbot

About Nextpart AI

Nextpart is the next generation chat app powered by AI large language models, enabling human-like interactions between users and the AI models.
In Nextpart users define and chat with AI characters, each with customized appearance, personalities, and storylines. Users are free to explore their fantasies with the AI characters.
Potential chat scenarios are unlimited: roleplaying, relationships, love and sex, adventures, events, lifestyle… let the AI models surprise you.
Nextpart supports AI voice response and image generation from chat context, allows intimate conversations with AI models with no NSFW filter, in 14 languages.

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