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Nero Lens

Nero Lens

Upscale like a Pro. Enhance, Restore, Colorize
Categories: Image GeneratorArtAvatarsImage Editing
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Use Cases
upscale low resolution images to hign resolution.
Turn photos into anime: All you need to do is import your photos - and watch Lens brings you to the anime world in seconds!
Enlarge images without losing details: The AI model will increase the resolution by up to 4x, which can help you to enlarge small-size images while maintaining image clarity.

About Nero Lens

Lens is an AI-powered tool that automatically upscale & generate images in a matter of seconds by Nero Software. With the AI model being the foundation technology, Lens was designed for photo editing and improving image quality, including making blurry photos clear, restoring old pictures, removing artifacts, sharpening, etc.

#Main Features

– Improve photo quality: Pictures shared on social media are usually low-resolution and retain compressions, Lens could upscale images and enlarge the size for a better experience.

– Restore old photos: With automated advanced AI technology, you can enhance low-resolution images, remove scratches and blemishes from old photos that have become blurry over time, and achieve stunning results with the AI Image Upscaler.

– Colorize black & white photos: Using AI image colorizing technology, it is possible to add color to old photographs of families, historical figures, movies and more. This allows for a new perspective on the past by adding color to pictures of ancestors and historical figures.

#Why is Lens so Popular?

– Designers, who always needed to download images from the internet, may use Lens occasionally as a second-processing tool to improve photo quality.

– Fashion trendsetters, without replacing the device with a high-resolution camera, Lens can also do the job for you — get the better resolution.

– Students, when you are far away from the blackboard, take it easy, try Lens to make those blurry texts clear and visible.

– Workers, receiving lots of screenshots from boss and colleagues, but limited by the mobile phone storage, only see the unclear pic, by one click, Lens will bring you to trace back to the main points of those previous meetings, zoom in the details.

– Photo collection lovers or meme makers, more detailed, high-quality, great resolution pics will enlighten you with more interest and passion in it.

– Technology enthusiasts, all the forth-coming trends will be chased by you and be the first to use it. Like Web3, AI will all be the future star of IT development.

If your device doesn’t meet the requirement, you are in luck!

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