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AI tools for college applications
Categories: Education assistant
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Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
AI college essay reviewer
AI college essay draft maker
AI college matcher

About GradGPT

Level up your college applications with GradGPT, your one-stop shop for AI-powered tools and support.

Ace your essays:

Grammar guru: Our AI essay reviewer sniffs out any red flags and helps you polish your writing like a pro.
Essay All-Star: Don’t settle for good, go for great! Our AI essay aid helps you brainstorm, structure, and strengthen your essays to stand out.
Craft a winning resume:

College resume builder: Ditch the generic resume. Build a targeted masterpiece that impresses admissions officers with our AI-powered resume builder.
Resume reviewer: Get an expert eye on your resume with our AI reviewer. It’ll highlight areas for improvement and ensure your resume shines.
Master the tests:

AP & SAT slayer: Conquer standardized tests with our AI-powered prep tools. Practice smarter, not harder, and reach your target scores.
Stay organized and informed:

Never miss a deadline: Application and decision dates? We’ve got you covered with our easy-to-use calendar.
Application management made easy: Juggling multiple applications? Our system keeps you organized and on top of everything.
Get personalized guidance:

AI counselor by your side: Feeling overwhelmed? Our AI counselor provides 24/7 support, offering tips, motivation, and personalized guidance to boost your chances of success.

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