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Coach Marlee

Coach Marlee

Marlee is the world’s first conversational AI coach
Categories: ProductivityHuman resourcesLife AssistantStartup tools
Features: Discord CommunityAPIBrowser Extension
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
Identify user goals and challenges through AI and machine learning.
Provide personalized advice, reminders and notifications.
Offer motivational quotes, progress tracking and goal planning.

About Coach Marlee

Sydney-based Fingerprint for Success introduces Coach Marlee, world’s first Conversational AI coach. Leveraging cutting-edge conversational AI technology, Marlee delivers real-time developmental coaching accessible to everyone with an internet connection, absolutely free of charge. Marlee serves as a catalyst for individuals and teams, fostering the growth of resourcefulness, emotional intelligence, creativity, and a knack for navigating ambiguity, ultimately enhancing self-awareness and interpersonal relationships. Thanks to Marlee’s guidance, an impressive 90% of users have successfully reached their goals within a mere four-week timeframe.

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