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Casetext Transforming Legal Research with 10+ Years of AI Innovation, Including CoCounsel, the Pioneering AI Legal Assistant.
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Use Cases
Casetext empowers legal professionals with CoCounsel, an AI legal assistant, for efficient research and case analysis.
Streamline legal research with Casetext's CoCounsel AI, delivering insights and solutions to legal challenges.
Casetext's CoCounsel AI revolutionizes the legal industry, offering smart, time-saving solutions for lawyers and legal teams.
Access the future of legal research and assistance with Casetext's CoCounsel AI, driving innovation and efficiency in the legal field.

About Casetext

Casetext stands at the forefront of legal innovation, with over a decade of expertise in pioneering legal AI technology. Their commitment to reshaping the legal landscape has led to groundbreaking advancements, including the introduction of CoCounsel, the industry’s first AI legal assistant. With CoCounsel by Casetext, legal professionals are empowered like never before. This AI-driven assistant revolutionizes legal research, streamlining the process of finding relevant case law and statutes. Gone are the days of sifting through mountains of legal documents; CoCounsel extracts vital information quickly and efficiently. Casetext’s relentless pursuit of excellence continues to provide legal practitioners with cutting-edge tools to enhance their practice, setting the bar for innovation in the legal field.

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