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Simplify Figma Layer Renaming with Autoname – Streamline your workflow, save time, and maintain consistency effortlessly with Figma Autoname.
Categories: Design Assistant
Features: Open Source
Pricing: Free
Use Cases
Simplify Workflow: Autoname streamlines Figma design projects by automating layer renaming, ensuring efficiency and consistency.
Organized Components: With Figma Autoname, effortlessly maintain tidy component names, enhancing project organization and collaboration.
Time-Saving Magic: Experience the magic of one-click layer renaming, boosting productivity and saving valuable design time.
Precision & Accuracy: Ensure accuracy in your design work by using Figma Autoname to automatically assign precise layer names.

About Autoname

Elevate your Figma design workflow with Autoname, the ultimate time-saving tool for designers. No more tedious manual layer renaming – Autoname lets you rename all your Figma design layers effortlessly in a single click.

With Autoname’s intelligent features, your components’ names stay organized, ensuring a seamless design process. Gone are the days of manual labor and repetitive tasks. With Autoname, you can focus on what truly matters – your creative design work.

This smart, time-saving feature streamlines your design process, making you more efficient and productive. Say goodbye to the hassle of individually renaming layers and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Autoname. Take your Figma experience to the next level and enjoy the freedom to create without the burden of manual tasks.

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