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Categories: ProductivityEmail assistantGeneral writingSummarizer
Features: Browser Extension
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
Arvin is the AI browser extension powered by GPT-4. Chat with Arvin from anywhere online for instant research, reading and creativity.

About Arvin

Arvin ChatGPT extension that can use in any website. With AI writer for Email, Twitter & LinkedIn and Blog & Youtube summarizer.

Arvin introduces a revolutionary new UI that allows you to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT on all your favorite sites such as Google Search, Gmail, LinkedIn, Github, and more. With this UI, you can search and write online with ease! 😄

Arvin keeps improving to bring you an exceptional experience. 🚀 By continuously optimizing the code interpreter, Arvin enables seamless debugging and rapid prototyping. ⚡️ Furthermore, using the web summarizer feature, you can easily summarize page content. 📝 What’s more, get intelligent responses based on any uploaded PDFs. 📄 Additionally, Arvin enhances web access for your maximum convenience. 🌐

Here’s how it works:

Simply Click ⌥ /alt + A to use OpenAI GPT on any website 💡

Chat with Arvin, your AI assistant who’s always improving 💪

1. With Arvin, you can easily write professional email replies. 📧

2. Arvin can summarize your content on any website. 📝

3. Quick Actions let you instantly translate, paraphrase, or explain text selections. ⚡️

4. AI painter will unleash your inner artist with just a few clicks.🧑‍🎨

5. AI Bot provides advanced conversational capabilities. 🤖

6. Web Summarizer condenses articles into concise overviews. 📰

7. Chat with PDF allows conversing about PDF content. 📄

8. Web Access enables comprehension of real-time web info. 🌐

9. Code Interpreter helps understand and explain code. 👨‍💻

10. Chat with Arvin 💬

11. Save & Reuse Prompts 💾

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