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Dominate rankings and organic search traffic for your stores
Categories: SEO
Features: Browser Extension
Pricing: Freemium
Use Cases
Conducting comprehensive SEO audits to diagnose and resolve SEO issues instantly.
Generating content that aligns with over 10 million intent data points, drastically improving traffic and indexing rates.
Monitoring keywords in real-time to ensure prominent placement on search engine results pages.
Offering competitor analysis to provide insights into successful strategies and identifying opportunities for improvement.

About AlphaRank

Your next-level AI SEO partner. Unlock 100M+ search intents and 300K+ merchant insights. Featuring our algorithms, enhanced by GPT-4 TURBO, for 50% greater precision and a traffic surge of 50%+, achieving Top-10 rankings has never been easier.

👇🏼With AlphaRank, you’ll gain access to:

1. Our Intelligent SEO Audit. A one-click wonder, not only diagnosing but instantly resolving SEO snags. Your site’s SEO score? A stellar 100 with Google, leaving 90% of competitors in the dust.

2. Our Content Generator. Tap into over 10 million intent data points for articles that are traffic magnets, boosting your indexing rates by an unparalleled 70%.

3. Our Real-Time Keyword Monitor. Hourly updates, ensure 80% of your keywords claim Google’s first-page real estate, while our Competitor Analysis arms you with their playbook.

4. Our Fully-Autonomous Management service. A seamless, click-and-forget experience, saving you 95% of your time so you can thrive, no SEO know-how needed.

Let’s transform SEO from a chore into a competitive advantage.

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