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AI Toolbar

Elevating Productivity, Transforming Interactions – Your Intelligent Assistant for Effortless Innovation!
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Features: Browser Extension
Pricing: Free Trial
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About AI Toolbar

Unlocking Next-Level Productivity with Copilot Integration: A Seamless Fusion of Drafting, Chatbot Interaction, Voice Activation, and Intelligent Text Processing

Enhance your workflow with CoPilot, a versatile tool designed to revolutionize your digital interactions. Seamlessly draft emails with minimal input, leveraging CoPilot’s contextual understanding to convey your message effectively.

Engage in dynamic conversations with an AI-powered chatbot, receiving relevant responses that you can conveniently download in Word or PDF format. The integration also extends to voice activation, allowing you to speak directly to your personal assistant on your PC, witnessing the magic unfold on the AI Toolbar.

CoPilot goes beyond conventional features by offering text summarization, translation, paraphrasing, analysis, and data extraction. Simply select text on any page, instruct CoPilot on your desired action, and watch as it effortlessly performs tasks, saving you valuable time.

For the ultimate AI experience, CoPilot seamlessly integrates at the top of ChatGPT, combining the power of intelligent drafting, chatbot interaction, voice activation, and text processing. Elevate your digital interactions with CoPilot, bringing efficiency and innovation to the forefront of your workflow.

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